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Nina Chuba

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop / Hamburg, Germany

Presented by: German Music Talent

Nina Kaiser aka Nina Chuba hadn't even left elementary school when she learned to play the piano and began working in acting as part of her first television appearances. From TV-shows roles to movie roles, on to a serious music career beginning in 2016 with her expressly for this purpose founded band BLIZZ. Chuba started her solo career in 2018 with the summery-easy tune “My Time” while her signature sound evolved on her following debut EP “Power”: crystal-clear production and densely arranged pop for the 2020s, which somehow sounds fragile and yet very decisive - especially while the unconventional samples mix with the Hamburg native’s versatile vocals. And although she’s still at the very beginning of her career, one thing is certain: here we have someone who’s preparing to reinvent current pop music by every trick in the book.

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