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Noisy Pots

Music / Electronic/Live / Czech Republic

Presented by: CEEntral Party

For the Noisy Pots from Prague, rhythm is everything. In rousing arrangements, Emil Machain plays, patters, and pounds on cooking pots and metal percussion, joined by the rich beat productions of Jakub Tengler and the lucid, glittering synthesizers of Michal Supak. All these elements can make their tracks sound light and poppy ("Cherry Cloud"), but also exciting and danceable ("Gastronomy"). Or they'll turn a song into a highly groovy test for any subwoofer ("Cosmic Trip").

Sort of electropop, but also kind of house—and very often, a study in sound that focuses on anything that brings out beats and moves booties. Noisy Pots are happy to take inspiration from rap legends such as Missy Elliott: Just check out their fierce performance of "Hit Me!", based on Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On". The three certainly have enough bangers up their sleeves for live shows that get every last listener moving.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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