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Organic electronic this is the sparse description Novaa uses for her own music, but it’s right on the money. And she would know best, of course, seeing as the electropop fairy creates everything almost single-handedly: songwriting, vocals, producing, and of course scouting the right locations for her wonderful videos. While she sings about the bliss of family and unconditional love in “Home”, the track “HMLTM” is an intimate look at body acceptance, which she herself had to learn during her youth. And then there is the song “Cyber Room”, a clever eff-off to a sleazebag who tried to offer her money for photos in her underwear in an online marketplace. Combining the private with the societal sphere through lyrical depth and light and airy pop melodies, not to mention grand arrangements such as on “Club Paradise” – the 2018 New Music Award winner pulls all this off better than any other current German newcomer.

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