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Odd Couple

Music / Indie / Germany

The world has always been chaotic, hurtling into the future without a set direction and dripping with strange ironies – but Germany has never had rock musicians who were able to pour all that into as poignant, ambiguous lyrics as Jascha Kreft and Tammo Dehn. The odd couple from the coastal region of East Frisia now lives in Berlin and has taken more than one cake with this year’s fourth album Universum Duo. It sees heavy, rumbling drums ride time-tested synth carriages through the eastern German Krautrock prairie where the nation’s ecologists thought everything had been dead and barren for a long time. Au contraire: Odd Couple makes flower meadows bloom, restores the occasional power plant (as is the meaning of the German word Kraftwerk), lulls stoners into thick clouds of smoke and finishes the journey with subtle, convoluted aphorisms. The echo of all this tends to reverberate for a long time, especially in the ears of those who have enjoyed these jokesters live.

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