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Music / Pop / Mannheim, Germany

Presented by: Popakademie Baden-Württemberg

It's pretty obvious that Eva Sauter and her three lads don't take themselves overly seriously: colorful suits, tinted shades, sweatbands. But when the four-piece ok.danke.tschüss ("ok.thanks.bye") presents its lively and slightly sarcastic synth music, curiosity grows in the spaces between the lines.

Silliness and everyday rebellion can come close enough to touch in Sauter's cheeky vocals, or in the grand melody arcs of songs such as "Rosie"—a perfect way to meet the madness of modern life with some levity and humor. Based in Mannheim in southwestern Germany, the self-proclaimed "entertainment service providers of the unicorn rock industry" are experts at just that. Anyone can always find something to criticize—but it takes a special kind of serenity to make it all sound light.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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