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Oliver Francis

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop / United States of America

A digital native and video game nerd, but also rapper, producer and beat maker, Oliver Francis has seen an astonishing evolution since his first digital-only singles from 2013. The DIY talent has created a series of extraordinary cloud rap, trap and alternative R'n'B EPs and albums over the last decade for which he is highly esteemed, especially among enthusiasts of the field. “If You Need a Friend” (2015) or “Chlorine” (2017) are considered insider gems by a subculture that doesn’t shy away from centralising difficult and highly personal issues in its music. From unhinged hedonism and drug indulgence, via depression and self-doubt to the complete disorientation of a society that is seemingly becoming more and more alienated from itself – it’s the sound of a generation that has reached its psychosocial breaking point. Francis expresses in an artistic language of images and sounds that doesn’t glorify anything, yet he point to some possible ways out of this mess, igniting that bitterly needed spark of hope in the end.

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