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Music / Folk, Electronic/Live / Portugal

Presented by: Lusitanian Music Publishing

Traditions must not only be kept alive, but developed further; the nostalgic must be balanced and combined with the modern. This seems to be the mission of the Portuguese string virtuoso Vasco Ribeiro Casais. For more than a decade, he has been a force on the folk scene of the sun-drenched coastal nation, playing in the bands Dazkarieh and Seiva. Especially as Omiri, Casais astounds compatriots and travelers alike with the ideas he brings from the past to the present.

Not only does he use ancient instruments with electronic backing and modern production tools, he also incorporates classic folk songs or spoken samples from seniors into his upbeat electric folk. Where others pay lip service to the concept of "music that bridges generations," Omiri is the real deal—and his sound is as vibrant as it gets.

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