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Owen Pallett & s t a r g a z e

Music Indie Montreal, Canada

Presented by: Canada, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Factor, ZEIT Hamburg

Registration for this concert at the Elbphilharmonie is now closed.

Owen Pallett is one of a kind in pop music. Until 2009, the Canadian composer, violinist, vocalist and arranger – who is a graduate of the University of Toronto – appeared with his project Final Fantasy. He also made himself a name as part of the line-ups of Arcade Fire, The Hidden Cameras and The Last Shadow Puppets. For some time now, he has released elegant and almost classical solo works under his own name.

“In Conflict” was released three years ago but has remained a milestone. Rhythmical strings and a baroque, orchestral sound accompanied by Pallett’s fragile voice. When playing live, he has the tendency to loop his violin with a foot pedal. His music videos are more aptly described as short films: magical, epic, poetic, deep. That man is a true jack of all trades.

This project is supported by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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