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Sometimes it can be so simple: Girl meets girl at university. The two become best friends, go on to discover their mutual love for guitars and reality shows, and form a band called Partner. But things are never that simple in real life. Josée Caron and Lucy Niles aren't just the two beating hearts of this project, they're also lesbian and both went a long time without meeting queer people besides each other.

Their self-assured, garage-infused indie rock is bursting with vitality and tells the story of those years, during which the two found their style along with their band mates: bassist Kevin Brasier, drummer Brendan Allison, and guitarist Daniel Legere. While they credit Canadian duo Tegan and Sara as an inspiration, their own sound is consistently heavier and wilder. When they bring this energy to the stage, it's always with a heavy dose of pop appeal and a great deal of passion that is not only authentic, but infectious.

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