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Pet Deaths

Music / Folk, Indie / London, United Kingdom

Often enough, outstanding music projects only come about by chance. When Graeme Martin and Liam Karima meet in 2016 in front of JG Ballard's former home in Ladbroke Grove, London, neither have any idea of just how far-reaching the consequences of this coincidence would be. Or is it fate after all? In any case, it doesn't take long for the chemistry between the two to crystalise during their long improv sessions. Pet Deaths is born. The first singles are produced, songs like the autumn-esque ballad "At the Bottom of the Hill" or "I Can't Complain", released two months later, on which the duo’s naturalistic sound and reduction to dim harmonies can already be witnessed. "To the Top of the Hill and Roll..." follows in 2019, a debut album that on the one hand expands the project’s melancholic tenor, and on the other perfects it. Delicate folk merges with cinematic arrangements, creating an enchanted atmosphere that invites you to stay and listen for hours on end. This year, their follow-up "Unhappy Ending" was finally released and Pet Deaths are set to bring it to Hamburg. Goosebumps guaranteed. 

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