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Music / Indie, Pop / Netherlands

From a young age, Pitou has travelled the world with her family, has seen Cameroon and India, has absorbed their cultural richness and developed a fascination for their traditional music – and in parallel one for European classical music. Singing in a choir, her parents’ huge music collection and a slowly growing interest in guitar were the final ingredients that significantly shaped her first album "Pitou" (2016) and later her EP "I Fall Asleep So Fast" (2018). Deeply swoony, the Dutchwoman's voice floats over deliberate arrangements of guitar, bass and her own vocal loops whose sound is as introspective as it is enrapturing. She has already shown how touchingly she can bring this to the stage in 2018 as part of her international tour and at "Lost Line", a concert series with Binkbeats and Mischa Porte, the following year. Now, she’s finally coming to Hamburg with new material.

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