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Music / Indie, Pop / Liverpool, United Kingdom

Forty years ago, Liam Brown would probably have topped all the charts in the world. The Liverpool bedroom producer conjures up longing for the eighties as if he's been doing nothing else since the actual eighties. Released under the name Pizzagirl, songs such as "Highschool" and "Favourite Song" are detailed monuments of nostalgia for that style-defining decade of hairspray, synthesizers, and glowing, polychrome music videos.

It's refreshing to see that he can be tongue-in-cheek about it, as evidenced by his extremely colorful retro website. The producer and Twin Peaks aficionado takes us back through time and beyond, to a world of reverie, at the click of a button. "Ideally listening to it in 1989 would be best, but as long as you're cruising down the city streets in a convertible, you should hopefully enjoy it just the same", Brown says. Sounds about right.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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