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Platon Karataev

Music / Indie, Folk / Hungary

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In the video for "Ocean", the composer immediately looks struck by the beauty of the chorus he hears. His expression is a good reflection of what the listener feels when the music of Platon Karataev begins to play: awed by this language of sound, which needs no over-the-top accents to be highly emotional and inspiring, and which opens the mind to a world of imagination.

The four Hungarians delivered proof of these traits on their impeccable debut For Her: multi-part vocals, softly plucked strings, dreamy lyrics, and harmonies that immediately light a fire. Platon Karataev know their own impressive strengths and make the best possible use of their rare ear for melody. The only thing that's missing is a new album—but we're in luck: Atoms is set to release this year.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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