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Potzblitz | 31+1! Professions of Love to the Live Club

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We have really missed the hell out of our live club. And we are still missing it – because to tell you the truth, things are just not back to normal yet, back to how they used to be. It is about time to make not one but 31+1! professions of love to the live club.

On the release of the book ‘Potzblitz – 31+1 Liebeserklärungen an meinen Liveclub’ (Upon my soul – 31+1 professions of love to my live club), Ben Hartmann from the band Milliarden, Heinz Ratz from Strom & Wasser and Hamburg rock singer Ina Bredehorn AKA Deine Cousine will read from ‘Potzblitz – 31+1 Liebeserklärungen an meinen Liveclub’. Together with the project initiators Sebastian Schwaigert and Marc Huttenlocher, they take us through some impactful times at live clubs, experienced by Markus Kavka, Dr. Mark Benecke, Milliarden, Broilers, Deine Cousine, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Steiner & Madlaina, Muff Potter and many others.

All authors donated their fees to the federal foundation LiveKultur.

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