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Priya Basil | In the We and Now – Becoming a Feminist

Word / Talk / Germany, United Kingdom, India

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Putting on someone else's shoes. Generally speaking, this means to see things through the eyes of that person. In "Im Wir und Jetzt: Feministin werden" (In the We and Now: Becoming a Feminist), the author Priya Basil shows that instead of her shoes, it could also be your mother's scarf.

In her autobiographical story, Basil combines the views of three generations of women with feminist self-questioning, which does not stop at a critical analysis of feminism as a fad. She brilliantly links self-positioning with philosophy and captivating social analysis, illustrating the struggle for a sustainable feminist ideal, oscillating somewhere between role models of feminist movements and handed-down femaleness.

The talk will be in German.

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