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Resi Reiner

Music / Pop, Singer-Songwriter / Vienna, Austria

Resi Reiner's artistic journey began with acting, which she pursued as a child due to her mother signing her up for a film casting on a whim. The fact that Resi got the part immediately seemed more like a dream than reality at the time. Dreams, however, are what the young actress pursues regularly, it’s basically her motto in life. And if you look, you will find. Last year she released "Ich will nach Italien" (I want to go to Italy), one of the most beautiful indie hits in years, and followed it up with "Tischtennis" (Table Tennis) and "Richtig Sommer" (Really Summer), (an homage to the classic "Wann wird's mal wieder richtig Sommer" (When will it really be summer again) by Rudi Carell), two equally indulgent songs filled with sweet longing. Her voice, on the one hand elfin, on the other echoing as if from an old Julee Cruise song, always accompanies carefully textured arrangements of guitar, drums and synthesizers. Dreams of a better today that sound nostalgic without glorifying. A feat that Resi Reiner will hopefully soon immortalise on an album.

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