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Music / Indie, Pop / Stuttgart, Germany

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Like many other German bands, the boys of Rikas started playing together during their school years. But unlike many other German bands, Sam Baisch, Chris Ronge, Sascha Schwerer, and Ferdinand Hübner are pleasantly restrained and have a relaxed, danceable vibe in addition. All of them are singers, each member is a songwriter, but none of them wants to be the center of attention.

That's why their debut Showtime sounds so homogenous and manages to fuse slacker indie with sunshine pop, airy soul in the vein of Stevie Wonder with the ironic humor of Jarvis Cocker. The good vibrations that come across in songs such as "Fanny Pack Party" and "Prince Boomerang" are not only infectious, amusing, and perfect for getting the party started, they also make you wonder: How can a band's debut be this good already?

Zu meinen Favoriten

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