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Robot Koch, Savannah Jo Lack & String Quartet

Music / Contemporary, Electronic/Live / Germany

Presented by: Neue Meister

Robot Koch is one of Germany's most prolific electronic producers. Since his debut Death Star Droid, he's been building an ever-growing discography out of abstract and instrumental hip hop, glitch, downtempo, and neoclassical elegance, and released it on Monkeytown Records, BPitch Control, and Four Music.

But that's the artist side of things. Now based in Los Angeles, the soundsmith is also behind platinum records by German high-flyers Casper, K.I.Z., and Marteria. He won the German Music Composer Award for electronic music in 2014 and was praised by the late but great John Peel (RIP) on several occasions. His tracks are featured on shows such as The Blacklist and How to Get Away with Murder. His futuristic sound design has earned him a spot on the roster of the legendary label Neue Meister, where his new album Otherwhere will be released this year. It's a fitting label, because Robot Koch is already a master of his craft. And yet, the heights to which this creative genius will rise aren't even visible from here.

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