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Rolf Blumig

Music / Pop, Rock / Leipzig, Germany

All the buzzwords currently being thrown around the scene don’t really do Rolf Blumig’s sounds any justice. Somewhere between back-alley punk, psychedelic pop and the newest of German new wave is where his music is speculated to fall, which he trumpets through the paranoid corridors of the republic together with his obscure Circus Blumig. Yeah, maybe. Could be. But Blumig is the director of this band, a loner, a modest anti-capitalist, whose songs like "Zeit zum Verlieben" (engl. time to fall in love) or the strangely urgent "Kristallnacht" (engl. night of broken glass) seem to fall out of his pockets like pennies as he runs for the tram on his way to the studio. The bottom line is: Blumig’s never in a hurry, he hovers over the scenes. Like a laboratory-bred cross between a young Udo Lindenberg, Rio Reiser and Blixa Bargeld, with his original intonations, sometimes hypnotic lyrics, his ability to put feedback and distortion to work, he unifies the sound of a band that for good reason scored an almost instant deal with Staatsakt. It doesn't get any better than this. This circus is about to make the proverbial circus around it take a good look in the mirror.

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