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Sam Vance-Law

Music / Indie, Pop / Berlin, Canada, Germany

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He plays violin and mandolin, writes up-tempo pop songs with an elegant, chamber-music charm, and he's one of the artists currently giving the LGBTQ community an expressive voice. Sam Vance-Law is an innovative songsmith who sings from a confident, gay perspective. Some might assume the audience for that to be of limited size, but the Canadian's 2018 debut Homotopia made a splash in the mainstream.

Probably because his criticism of heteronormative ideals in songs such as "Faggot" never overshadows his musical finesse. Without trying to dazzle with gimmicks, Vance-Law creates music that is catchy, yet imaginative. That would, in fact, work entirely without lyrical content. But it's precisely his combination of words and music that elevates his songs to such rare heights. Vance-Law demonstrates how clever one can be about taking a stand, so don't miss out when the cheeky charmer with the velvet voice takes the stage in September.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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  • Booking: Live Nation / Björn Bauch

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