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Music / Rock, Indie / Los Angeles, United States of America

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While touring with indie rebels Cherry Glazerr, Sasami Ashworth recorded her solo debut using only a guitar, a keyboard, and an iPad. It's a proper DIY record: little preparation, few production effects, and no artificial hype. Maybe that's precisely why it turned out to be such an intimate and intense look at the inner workings of Sasami, who writes and sings diary entries and unsent letters with a velvety-smooth voice and sincere poetry.

Devendra Banhart has recognized Sasami's talent and joined her on the wonderfully ambivalent "Free," in which the two explore the confusing emotions of an affair. With captivating music and lyrics free from clichés, Sasami is likely to become a bigger name in the next years. And you'll be able to say you saw her, way back when in Hamburg.

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