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Before he was even legally allowed to ride a scooter, Martin Hoberg Hedegaard had won first place at Denmark's first X-Factor casting show. Shortly afterwards, his single "The 1" and his debut album "Show the World" shoot straight to the top of the Danish charts and go double platinum. The doors of the music world are open wide for the young talent. But Martin stops for the time being, withdraws, concentrates on finishing school and his youth – after all, too many young stars from all over the world have collapsed under the weight of early fame and its jet set lifestyle before him. But he returns as Saveus in 2015, promptly landing another chart hit with "Levitate Me" (2015) and two years later releases the EP "Will Somebody Save Us" (2017), along with the album "Neuro" (2018). He builds on his earlier success despite his somewhat long absence, remaining one of the few Danish pop singers to have done things their way and were right about it. Probably one of the reasons his live performances are better than ever.

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