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Say Sue Me

Music / Indie / Korea, South

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At this year's Korean Music Awards, the boys and girls of Say Sue Me got final confirmation of what the indie scene in South Korea and beyond already knew: Their album Where We Were Together was awarded Best Modern Rock Album, and the song "Old Town" won Best Rock Song—and this assessment wouldn't even be over the top if the awards had been international.

Thanks to jangly guitars, fresh drums, and the vocals of singer and songwriter Sumi Choi, the four-piece from Busan sounds so dreamy, light, and airy that memories of good times are never far away. Indie, surf rock, and shoegaze blur in a fog of nostalgia and create an atmosphere somewhere between rehearsal room and beach. But the best effect of Say Sue Me's music is that it doesn't just conjure up memories of the good times. It also suggests that maybe those times are only just starting.

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