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Sebastian Plano

Music / Contemporary, Classical / Germany, Argentina

When listening to the softly-played piano melodies of Sebastian Plano, one immediately assumes that this music must be about to cause goosebumps in a big Hollywood drama. Because Plano's compositions with piano, strings, and electronic ornamentation are cinematic from start to finish. The ebb and flow of his arrangements leads to unexpected plot twists in his narrative of dreamy melodies, where notes slowly glide off into the distance like the sun sinks into the ocean.

Ambient and contemporary classical music are whispering tender nothings in each other's ears, creating sounds without words that pave the way for a deeper dialog. Already on 2013's album Impetus, the Argentinian wove his spell with aplomb, also thanks to the magnificent mastering of Nils Frahm. This year he perfected his sound with the record Verve, on which time seems to stand still and nothing else seems to matter anymore.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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