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Şeyda Kurt | Radical Tenderness – Why love is political

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What is love? What are the ways we are really looking to love? And, who and how many do we want to give love to? Is love the meaning of life, a political alliance, an illusion or an end in itself? Is love even impossible perhaps, because we completely drain ourselves in the face of anxiety about the future, sky-high claims and discriminating structures? And, what form might a radical new concept of love assume?

The journalist (taz, ZEIT ONLINE) and facilitator Şeyda Kurt is dissecting our oh-so familiar love norms within the force field of patriarchy, racism, and capitalism – and, using the example of her own biography, she researches how traditional relationship models veer off course as soon as allegedly secure family bonds snap, and time-honoured truths unravel. For love does not exist in an empty space. “Love is experience. A mirror of our society. And it’s political.”

For more writings by Şeyda Kurt, check out the Utopia column in the online theatre magazine nachtkritik.de, where she reviews cultural representations of love and tenderness on theatre stages. You can also follow Şeyda on Twitter at @kurtsarbeit, where she writes about political and sociological issues.

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