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Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Germany

It’s no secret that the rap business can be a merciless and, in some parts, a delusional commercial bubble dream. Such resolute and authentic defiance of contemporary trends as Sharaktah is displaying, however, just might be. The rapper from Ketelsbüttel, a small village in Schleswig-Holstein with a mere 180 inhabitants, carries a message that reminds of the original impetus of rap music: believing in yourself and your peers even under the most adverse of circumstances, following a dream, without being ignorant of socio-cultural realities. On singles like “Hier” (Here) and “Keine Kontrolle” (No Control), Sharaktah expresses just that. Conscious hip-hop wrapped in an ultra-modern sound, free of trivialities – the 25-year-old, who is a talented singer and guitarist as well, has perfected this sound and his debut album hasn’t even been recorded yet. He’s set to give us a tase of his skills here in Hamburg this summer.

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