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Just a couple of days is what it took Katrin, Mile and Marco to turn the initial concept for their band Sharktank into a full-fledged formation. The plan: combine pop and hip-hop, indie and rap, and create a niche where others before them have quickly failed. Is the German music industry ready for this concoction? Their first singles "Space Flute" or "Washed Up" have already established that the trio really doesn’t care. Their sound has the same effect as a relaxed day at the lake and doesn't need much marketing to get a lot of streams and radio time. Their debut EP "Bad Energy" (2020) already showed a level maturity which would have you think the three of them had been collaborating in the studio for years. Must be talent – or perfect chemistry – which allows them to bring such lively and melodic feel-good-rap to the dance floors, as they did with this year’s debut album “Get it Done”.

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