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Shelter Boy

Music / Indie / Germany

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Emerging from somewhere far from the musty trap music scene, Shelter Boy performs unpretentiously in front of an audience and classifies his music as dream pop that simply swims along. Swimming is an apt description – anyone listening to tracks like "Half Asleep" or "I Stand With You" while enjoying a cool beer will attest to its chilled British feel. A touch of psychedelic guitar à la Tame Impala, an always welcome indie routine and laid-back campfire folk with DeMarco vibes aptly sum up the Dresden musician's style, at least in words. Tonally, of course, there's much more going on. The debut EP "Mirage Morning" already promised in its title everything the songs delivered. There were lessons in summer fun and creating elements of surprise, which have characterised his dreamy output from the very beginning. Although he hails from Saxony, his music sounds very British, something Shelter Boy, aka Simon Graupner, doesn't have a problem with. And why should he? This music is both distant and close, cool and warm.

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