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Shey Baba

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Los Angeles, United States of America

Some artists grow up with a gift, others discover it later in life and become unlikely stars of their craft. Shey Baba could soon be included in the latter group. The falsetto virtuoso marries breathtaking vocals with piano lines and restrained beats, sounding natural in a way that's become rare in this age of electronics. These qualities undoubtedly stem from a dialog between heart and gut, between emotion and intuition—and Baba extends this musical elegance in his videos.

How many artists can say that the first two singles from their debut album were set to a beautiful short by David M. Helman? The audiovisual dramaturgy showcased with "Born Sick" and "Vertigo" was an impressive sneak peek before Baba's debut album Requiem confirmed it beyond a doubt: This is the genesis of a stellar singer-songwriter.

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