Music / Pop, Singer-Songwriter / Norway

From the idyllic suburbs of Oslo out into the big wide world – with hardly anyone knowing his name. Dag Holtan-Hartwig first gained musical experience through bands at the age of twelve, before going to the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts in England and singing in front of none other than Paul McCartney. Although the young Norwegian was already well versed in music writing by then, since 2014 he has mainly focused on the song writing and production of numerous international streaming hits under different names – together with colleague Halvor Folstad, he helped Ava Max, Alan Walker and Julie Bergan blow up. As Slopes, however, Holtan-Hartwig only started focusing on his solo career over the last year and immediately hit a nerver with his emotional pop designs on his debut "Prove Them Wrong". Songs like "The Sun Also Rises" or "Sometimes" put Slopes on the map, give the personal and introspective aspects of his music the necessary room to unfold, but always remain close and intimate. This mixture of cinematic sound and biographical poetry is what makes his concerts truly unique experiences.

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