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Sofia Portanet

Music / Indie / Berlin, Germany

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Spanish-German Sofia Portanet grew up in Paris, where she made music with her father, explored the city's nightlife, and went to concerts and the opera. She also began her singing career there, which took off in 2018 with her single "Freier Geist." A lot has happened since then. Portanet successfully played a number of shows and wrote new material, such as the dark, yet upbeat "Wanderratte," with which the upcoming singer casually created one of the most stylish synth-pop songs of the past few years.

Her style is reminiscent of Neue Deutsche Welle from the early eighties, but doesn't lay the nostalgia on too thick and sounds anything but cheesy. Much rather, Sofia Portanet is on her way to bringing German-language pop music back from radio-friendly irrelevance and make it youthful, wild, and idiosyncratic again. The perfect reason to play in Hamburg this year.

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