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Sol Heilo

Music Pop, Folk Norway

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After the Norwegian all-female quartet Katzenjammer had published three very successful albums and had toured around the world, the four musicians took a break from the band. Solveig Heilo, the multi-instrumentalist and producer, now uses the new freedom to start a solo career. “Skinhorse Playground” is the title of her first album. She had no problems getting songs together, because she had already written quite personal songs while being with Katzenjammer. Now she has recorded them together with producer Hasse Rosbach. She didn’t need many guest-musicians because she is able to play almost every instrument herself like guitar, trumpet, harp, banjo, flute, accordion, and drums.

She goes back to the dream worlds of children in her songs and she also remembers incidents in her life as a musician. Her first single, “America”, describes a mild morning in New Orleans when Solveig is feeling phony, because her body clock is still adjusted to a harsh Norwegian winter. On the B-side, “London Is Trouble”, she reflects on the drawbacks of the stressful life on tour. “Skinhorse Playground” highlights an outstanding musician’s fresh start.

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