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Songs Of Boda

Music Singer-Songwriter, Folk Sweden

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Songs of Boda are songs of bleak Swedish suburbs, of sadness and dreams, but also of critical self-examination. What may sound a little too pathos-laden in writing becomes truly cathartic within the music. Daniel Skoglund already proved this in 2017 with his mini-album Loophole, with a beautifully melancholy style he took to new and remarkably confident heights a year later on Iago.

Comprised of folk, blues, country, and rock, Skoglunds compositions evoke the warmth of Swedish pine forests in the evening sun. A great longing runs through this sound, but also hope for a reunion, most notably on his latest album Meanwhiling. This time around, Skoglund, who is a household name in Gothenburg's indie scene, refrains from using his voice and lets the strings tell his stories instead. Stories of cold falls and hot summers; stories of death—but most of all, stories of life.

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