© Matilda Hill Jenkins


Music Punk Brighton, United Kingdom

Unpredictable like the Talking Heads in the early eighties, but far angrier, and so full of the spirit of our times that it almost hurts: Squid are everything post-punk revivalists can hope for. With his deadpan vocal delivery, his impassioned screams and tender falsetto, singer and drummer (!) Ollie Judge injects deep emotion into the band's sound, which is otherwise immensely dark, longing, and deserted.

Squid's first single "Perfect Teeth" from 2016 already revealed the Brighton five-piece as talented songwriters who know how to handle a bass and cello. After a quiet spell, 2018 saw the release of "The Dial," a decidedly more punk and aggressive track. The latest track "Houseplants," with its erratic guitars and drums and its quirky saxophone accents, reveals yet another style change and makes you wonder: Just how many facets does this band have?


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