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Music / Punk / Liverpool, United Kingdom

Like so many bands over the last couple of years, STONE became known to a broader audience during the lockdowns and under the most adverse of circumstances – they have thus had little actual contact with their fans. Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted, the quartet is throwing themselves into the action with more force than ever and are blessing us with hymnic punk that perfectly celebrates our reclaimed freedom, a punk we’ve so eagerly been longing for. Frontman Fin Power (yes, that is his real name) will stop short of nothing to indulge in euphoria, will spit spoken word passages from the stage with unmatched verve and will jump into the audience the very next moment to be part of the mosh pit and inhale the collective vodka breath of the crowd. Anyone who has ever experienced the impetuous power of this band will bear witness to the fact that STONE are well on their way to becoming a real authority in British punk. After a highly successful run of singles and shows, their first album is coming soon. 

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