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Sue The Night

Music Indie, Pop Netherlands

Presented by: M for Montreal, Dutch Music Export

Sue the Night doesn't deceive herself. Yes or no to success: In the end it's love and friendship what counts, states the Dutch singer. And Sue the Night gotta know that. In her native country The Netherlands she is an upper charter with her expressive indie pop. With "Wanderland“ she is driving straight into conquering each heart of this pop world. This time Sue the Night drew inspiration from music from The War On Drugs, The Smiths and Florence + The Machine. Joined by her eight-member band she conjures melancholic and sensual indie pop, which still seems immensely light-footed though being this opulent. Songs by Sue The Night are spurring that much that you might run the risk of overlooking the socio-critical comments that inherit her music. But that's unfair to the singer. Sue The Night dedicates herself fully to the big problems of society. She fights them with even bigger pop emotions.

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