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Takeshi's Cashew

Music / Electronic/Live / Austria

From a local Viennese insider tip to one of the most exciting bands on the European mainland; for this, Takeshi's Cashew have needed no more than one album. On their debut "Humans in a Pool", the quintet effortlessly fuses the psychedelic aura of the Krautrock era with the vitality of Tishoumaren and cumbia, the smoky grooves of funk and surf rock with the hypnotic power of club rhythms, the narrative character of forgotten exotica soundtracks and the best qualities a jam band could ever hope to offer. These are epic narratives about lust and life, chaos and order, pain and ecstasy, expressed for example in the brilliant song writing evident in tracks like "Sterndüne (Kosmodroom)" (Star Dune (Cosmodroome)) or "There Is No Harmony" (including Werner Herzog quote), without so much as a single word being sung. Not necessary. The meditative, meandering sound of Takeshi's Cashew already carries more feeling and spirit than could possibly be communicated linguistically. The fact that this band is finally coming to Hamburg needs to be called what it is: an absolute highlight – their live shows are without comparison throughout Europe.

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