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Music / Rock, Global / Algeria, Mali

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In Tamasheq, the language of the Tuareg, “Tamikrest” means both “alliance” and “future”. And the members of this band know what it means to strengthen one so you can live to see the other. They all experienced civil war, violence, and loss at a young age. But answering madness with more madness was not an option for them.

Instead of serving in the military and learning to use weapons, they expressed themselves with music – for themselves and for the Tuareg in general. That music, shaped by unwavering hope and zest for life, is clearly inspired by the world-famous Tinariwen, but also by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and Mark Knopfler. Dusty electric guitars define this desert rock, accented with bass, djembe, and various percussion instruments, and accompanied by call-and-response vocals. When Tamikrest play live, one can virtually feel the desert sands of Mali under your feet.

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