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The Tapeworms definitely have a lot of fun experimenting. Margot, Théo and Elliot have been reminting the upheavals of their personal biographies, that might have led to resignation in others, into creative energy and channel everything into a furious mix of styles without comparison. Their mentioned experimentations aren’t limited to the songs’ structure but also, and above all, affect the tone of their sound. Noisy distortions and quirky electronics find their way into Tapeworms’ sound as much as shoegaze, indie and bitpop does. A sound one can get lost in the same way one can get lost in a good 90s Sega game. What sounds like a wild and frayed mixture actually is just that – and yet, Tapeworms find a way of combining all their influences into a coherent, in parts even summery overall picture on their debut “Funtastic” (2020). They will be demonstrating their ability to paint this picture live on our stages soon, in all the colours of the rainbow.

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