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Tara Nome Doyle

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Wunderkinder Act / Berlin, Germany

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Finally! That was the consensus among critics when Tara Nome Doyle followed up her delicate singles “Down With You” and “Milk and Honey” with this year’s debut album Alchemy. The Berlin singer with the red-wine timbre belongs to a breed of vocal artists who have become ever rarer in the past years: singers whose musical performances are carried by a sense of bliss and salvation even when they allow themselves to hover over the darkest emotional abyss, the bitterest melancholy. Whether in the stripped-down piano ballad “Heathens”, the smoky, urban “Neon Woods” or the slowly-winding-towards-the-light “Mercury”, Doyle is a level-headed art-pop alchemist that keeps a focus on all that is remote in order to look deep inside us and find a much-needed lightness in all that is heavy.

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