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Taxi Kebab

Music / Electronic/Live / France, Morocco

Oriental electro funk from the north of France that easily transcends all cultural boundaries and draws inspiration from Arabic musical scales as much as it does from techno beats – Taxi Kebab have found a way to successfully and forcefully put these four-pronged stylistic splits on the ground. Founded in 2019 and having already blown up the odd venue, Lea Jiqqir and Romain Henry are still somewhat new to the European club scene but in the midst of putting together their first EP. Nevertheless, tracks with the musical calibre of "Lmchi w Rjou3" or "Wana" make a promise that these two are set to be taking off in the near future, and not only in France. Ultra-danceable, Taxi Kebab change gears between electropop, funk, house and Arabic influences from Fairuz and the Rahbani brothers to Omar Souleyman, without ever taking a wrong turn. Especially live, this duo is a sweaty and ecstatic affair – we recommend you bring a change of shirt!

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