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Teitur Magnússon

Music / Indie, Folk / Reykjavík, Iceland

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When Teitur Magnússon sings his songs, he sounds like a happy hippie from the seventies who happens to be an endless fount of song ideas. The lovable vocalist from Iceland only knows the flower children from movies and stories, but in his lively arrangements, he's more than likely recreating the summery playfulness of those days. First on his 2014 debut "27," then with last year's successor "Orna," which sees Magnússon serving up delightful neopsychedelic vibes and refining them with his signature style.

Shimmering effects over warm guitars and the serene vocal harmonies of Magnússon and his fellow musicians are a free ticket to the Icelander's enchanted island. But don't expect to see any snow when you get there. Instead, it's sunny volcanic beaches wherever you look.

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