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Temps Calme’s name is to be understood not only as an antithesis to a present that is sliding into a catastrophe unchecked. The French trio’s sound, too, uses a well-established sound palette to counter the madness of our time – a soundtrack for retreating into privacy? Or maybe an artistic reflection on the status quo? Perhaps both. The construct of their debut album “Circuit” (2020) is welded together by surreal reverbs, the visceral density of carefully selected analogue synths and jazz-inspired drums that lose themselves to the rhythm of dreamy vocals. Progressive electronic, krautrock, psychedelic pop and tonal experiments from all kinds of unexpected directions create images in your head into which the band weaves new scenarios time and time and again, different backdrops, unfamiliar images – sometimes dreamy, then utterly lucid. This September, they’ll be showing us their ability induce such interplays live on stage.

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