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Many run away, looking for a never-ending beach life on some island, as if happiness were a matter of lots of sand, water and sun. The fact that this illusion can be just as sad as it can be harsh is something Thala has experienced firsthand. For a long time, she earned a living at a bar on the Canary Islands, observing the artificial show business around her. She subsequently turned to busking in her native Berlin to support herself, started writing songs, played at open mic nights and eventually grabbed the attention of Duchess Box Records – who instantly recognized her potential. The lilting shoegaze of their debut single "Serenade" is reminiscent of some of the best moments of Mazzy Star, Cigarettes After Sex or Beach House, but always manages to integrate a very unique Thala twist into its sound design. Produced by Michael Kümper, the single was a taste of the rising artist's first album due in September. Her follow-up singles "Takemeanywhere" and "Weep" show that she has already found her signature style for this record.

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