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Grime, GRM for short. For some it is the greatest musical revolution since the emergence of punk. For others existential. As in the case of Sibylle Berg's novel "GRM Brainfuck", an angry look at the near future that still speaks of nothing other but the world of today.

The content in a nutshell: When a right-wing populist government introduces a guaranteed minimum income for all citizens that only those benefit from who agree to have a chip implanted storing all personal medical data, a group of young people forms up as urban partisans of humanity.

Thalia Theater is now staging Berg's general reckoning with deficiencies such as inhuman neoliberal overall economization of all areas of life, nationwide comprehensive digital surveillance, and of social inequality. The original soundtrack is from London: by Grime collective Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation.

At the Arts Playground, part of the ensemble will be showing an exciting preview!

Please reserve your theatre tickets here and collect them at the Thalia box office up to half an hour before the start of the performance by showing your Reeperbahn Festival wristband.

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