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The Art of 360°

Arts 360° Film

Presented by: Fulldome Festival Foundation

Everyone knows the fisheye camera, the videos, and the VR headsets. 360° images have long since entered the mainstream . . . you’d think. Yet very few people are aware that for more than a decade there’s been an art movement in the film world that makes use of the 360° format for the geodesic dome – gigantic projections on curved screens that surround the viewer completely. Those who’ve been to a planetarium are familiar with the fulldome effect. A planetarium, however, is more the realm of astronomy and science, and not so much of art and music. What about other domes of this sort, with fulldome technology? There aren’t exactly a lot of them around. Meaning: artistic fulldome films don’t get seen by the broader public very often.

And so our thinking was: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! In partnership with the Jena FullDome Festival, we’re screening the best short films from around the world in the genres of fiction, art, and music. Excellent stories, brilliant visualisations, amazing tracking shots. Where? The big – 20-metre diameter! – Reeperbahn Festival dome.

Die Wundertrommel (2014 I Robert Becker I 3 minutes)
Die Wundertrommel or zoetrop spins to show animation of two boxers. A huge crane moves and chains are swinging.

Samskara (2017 I George Aistov I 16 minutes)
The acclaimed digital artist Android Jones, presents Samskara - a stunning visual journey into the mind. “This is like being inside one of my paintings”, says Android Jones.

Infinite Horizons (2014 I Diana Reichenbach I 3 minutes)
A flight through an abstract landscape challenges perceptions of the horizon.

Creep No.2 (2004 I Ralph Heinsohn I 6 minutes)
One of the first fulldome music videos ever; created for the album release party of »Nimby«, the 2004 album of german rockband »fury in the slaughterhouse«. The song is about sexual abuse, with an artistic reflection in the fulldome medium.

Scaralat (2016 I Nicolas Gebbe I 5 minutes)
A tortured soul finds itself in a seemingly hopeless situation and takes refuge in his self-created dream world to escape from his sorrow. There he creates the Scalarat, which allows dreamers to break free.

LoVR – Vessel (2015 I Aaron Bradbury, Luniere I 4 minutes)
A virtual reality love trip through the brain activity that occurs in the staggering moment you fall in love; a poem written in data.

Nachtmahr (2017 I Elia Hüneburg I 7:40 minutes)
An old man lives alone with his cat in his old house. Even if we don’t, cats can see ghosts. And the old mans cat is out for a hunt.

Physical (2017 I Matthew Biederman, Alain Thibault)
The title of the work refers to the physicality of the perception of sound and image and explores the liminal edges of perception where the division of the senses begins to dissolve.

Obscure Path (The Flower of Afterimage) (2015 I Fusako Baba I 4 minutes)
Immersive visuals and mesmerising music inspired by our hidden emotions. Looking inwardly, examining our inner self, is like searching for a hidden path - an obscure path invisible to others, and at first, even to ourselves.

Precious Life (Lichtmond feat. Alan Parsons I 5minutes)
A truly immersive experience for all senses, brought to life by love poems that correlate with the resonance of music, taking the audience on a journey far away from daily stress into a magic world of its own.

BEAT (2014 I Tim Seger I 5:10 minutes)
Henry falls asleep at his typewriter and finds himself in a world he does not comprehend. At the border of society between rubbish and junk everything seems upside down. How will he find out of this chaotic place?

Cartwheel (2017 I Ken Scott, Digital Chaotics I 6 minutes)
Music for the Eyes - Music by Tripswitch, Visuals by Chaotic

RIDE.zer0 ( 2014 I Dominic St-Amant, Olivier Rhéaume I 6 minutes)
”The World is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it‘s real, because that‘s how powerful our minds are… We can explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever.“ –Bill Hick

Jalousien (2015 I Aljoscha Seuss I 4 minutes)
Music video by the Berlin-based electronica band “AB Syndrome”. Deep bass bubble, immersive shutter action and the dream about breaking free.

After Cherenkov (2016 I Masashige Iida I 25 minutes)
The production explores shifts in the ideas of “life” in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster through an immersive, 360-degree fulldome dance movie.

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