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The Gardener & The Tree

Music / Indie, Folk / Switzerland

The gardener and the tree—one of those archetypical relationships that last forever, full of admiration, care, and affection. That's probably more or less how the Swiss five-piece The Gardener & The Tree feel about their music, a creative and well-tended plant that branches into indie, folk, and pop. Manuel Felder's strong voice complements dramatic piano accents, weighty drums, and anthemic, graceful chord progressions.

Their EPs Revolution and Mossbo netted plays in the seven digits on major streaming platforms; their debut album 69591, Laxå went gold, which was well-deserved even though the entire thing was a rather spontaneous endeavor after a trip to the forested expanses of Sweden. The indie folk band has a lot of experience when it comes to giving audiences goosebumps, so sneak a tissue up your sleeve.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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