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The Hanged Man

Music / Indie / Sweden

Presented by: Keychange, ARTE Concert

As a tarot card, the Hanged Man can stand for many things: devotion and self-sacrifice, but also initiation or the patience needed to see the world from a different angle. The Hanged Man, from Stockholm, channel these attributes on several levels through and into their music. It’ s literally nothing less than a mixture of psychedelic rock reminiscences, dream pop and post-post-punk, which likes to wallow in an intoxicating theatricality of effects – and all with its own distinctive signature. Back on their debut EP “First Quarter Moon”, the project under the aegis of Rebecka Rolfart was already blasting away the stylistic ballast that burdens many bands of our time. What’s the trick to capturing the free-floating sound of yesteryear without sounding too nostalgic or even like an imitation? Over the course of their two albums to date, “Of Blood Is Full” (2017) and “As The Tower Fell” (2020), The Hanged Man honed their poise in precisely this balancing act. And now they can produce it live almost in their sleep.

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