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The Homesick

Music Rock, Indie Netherlands

Presented by: Excite Music, DIY Magazine

The band from Dutch town Dokkum produces nice retro rock with superbly strumming guitars. The music the trio presents on their debut opus called „Youth Hunt“ sounds almost provokingly laid-back.

The three know their monster riffs, feeding a lot of psychedelic ingredients into. The vocals seem raw, their signature track „St. Boniface“ is already close to Joy Division's darkness. It ingathers everything. With each song The Homesick open another door to post punk facets. The trio obviously has a lot of fun with their instruments. It sounds so pure, authentic and self-conscious, it is simply a plain joy. At the same time the band stands in a considerable alternative music tradition. Homesickness yes or no, the band is long since at home within an international pop cosmos.

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