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The Rills

Music / Indie / United Kingdom

When Mitch Spencer first started looking for like-minded people to form a band project with in his hometown Lincoln in the east of the UK during the early 2010s, his efforts remained without success. His move to Sheffield followed, and six months later he was in London – Spencer and his band, which were henceforth called The Rills, not only expanded their horizons, but in stages also expanded the number of its members. Playing live shows as often as possible in front of as many people as they could was their ambitious goal. What worked well at first was abruptly interrupted by the pandemic in early 2020. Their next step: TikTok. Over the years, The Rills had painstakingly built up a small but loyal fan base. On the platform, it had grown by tens of thousands of new fans within just a few months. Fans, who appreciate the band's snotty and sometimes autobiographical, sometimes political indie punk. Luck of the draw, you might say. For us, the pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the Rills are going to be playing live for us for the first time this coming September.

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